Pagan Fortune Telling

Pagan religion is an earth based religion that is based on the timeless values of, respect, and freedom, and honesty, and responsibility. This particular religion can have its roots traced back to the prehistoric times. The people of this religion do not always center their beliefs on the spiritual aspects of worship. Instead they believe more in the natural occurrences and all things related to the earth. Many Pagans do use divination in their practices.

To say Pagan divination all you are saying is that an individual or group of people that believe in this religion also believe in the predictions of things that are yet to come. Generally one or member of the congregation will have the ability to make predictions of the future.

In other religions these individuals may very well be defined as Psychics, because the things they do are the same. The normal psychic has the ability to use information they obtain from different sources to predict what they think is going to occur in the future. Some of these people will see their predictions in dreams, while others can communicate with guardian angels, or spirits from another realm.

The people who worship as Pagans also get the information they use to determine things that are likely to occur from different sources. Their main concentration will be the sources of nature such as the clouds in the sky, the heavenly bodies and the way they are aligned, the trees, the wind, and all the elements of the earth. Some of them also have dreams or visions that foretell the upcoming events to them.

Divination is used for many different reasons. One reason to use the prediction of the future is to avoid conflicts or strife that may occur with someone else. They use their ability to see into the future to stop some of the bad things that may happen. This is extremely beneficial and possibly saves many lives.

Another reason to use this power of perception is to warn people of natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and snow storms. These types of warnings do help the congregation to prepare for these types of events and possibly save many of their lives.

Some of the time the individual that is gifted with an extremely keen sense of intuition will use this gift privately with others in a one on one type situation. They can help people to see some of the things they need to change in their lives so that they are better able to have a more productive and peaceful existence.

The powers of perception that these people display are considered to be a gift and they generally use these gifts to try and benefit others as much as possible.

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